The Company

ATL Audio Ltd. is a company aimed for production of high-quality electronic equipment while retaining its reasonable price.

The Team

We are a small team of engineers with backgrounds in various branches of electronic industry. The thing that tied us together is the love we have for music and passion to create good sounding products.

The Credo

As engineers we follow the principles of the iterative scientific approach: idea – simulation – prototyping – measurements – corrections – final product. We know however, that the secret of a good sounding device is not in the measured values only – sometimes one should sacrifice a parameter in favor of the SOUND, sometimes usage of a specific component gives the desired sound signature, etc…
So, actually, we are positioned in this tiny void between the good measured data and the true audiophilium, or as Umberto Eco wrote about sir Isaac Newton in his famous book “Foucault’s Pendulum”: “…he had worked with one foot in Kabbalah and the other in the laboratory….