DC Cable upgrade for L-50, L-100 LPSU

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High quality DC cable offered as an upgrade of the standard L-50 or L-100 LPSU’s cable.


The cable described here acts as an upgrade of the standard LPSU’s DC cable. Of course it can also be used with different audio equipment (connectors can be changed upon customer’s request).

The cable consists of 4 silver plated AWG22 wires with PTFE insulation. The wires are twisted in so-called “star-quad” pattern which ensures significant attenuation of the common-mode noise induced into the wires by wide variety of EMi/RFI radiators. On one end is attached GX16-4 aviation connector which serves for interfacing the L-50 or L-100 unit. On the other end can be attached a high-quality massive DC jack with 5.5/2.5 or 5.5/2.1 OD/ID.

The customer can chose between shielded or un-shielded version. When shield is used it’s connected to the “-” terminal of GX16 connector.

The cable is enveloped with black plastic braid and is offered in two lengths – 50 and 100 cm.

NOTE!!!! This is an upgrade of the standard DC cable of L-50 or L-100 LPSU and could be purchased ONLY with purchase of the LPSU.

In case you need a standalone DC cable, please look at the other store products or send an inquiry via the store’s contact form.

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High quality DC cable offered as an upgrade of the standard L-50 or L-100 LPSU's cable
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50 cm., 100 cm.

DC Jack Inner Dia.

2.5 mm., 2.1 mm.