Combined module DC Blocker (trap, filter) & EMI/RFI/Common Mode Filter – assembled and tested PCB

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Fully assembled and tested DC Blocker (trap, filter) & EMI/RFI/Common Mode Filter combined module.

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Nowadays we use an enormous amount of Switched Mode Power Supplies (SMPS) equipped domestic appliances, industrial electrical consumers etc. in our everyday life. These appliances can cause not only a DC shift in the AC Mains which leads to buzzy toroidal transformers (especially the power ones) but they also throw a great deal of RF hash which sneaks and disturbs the precious analogous networks of our audio equipment.

Here is proposed a fully assembled and tested unit comprised by two sections – a DC Blocker/Trap/Filter and a Common Mode Filter (CMF).
Schematic of the unit can be seen below:

Combined module DC Blocker & Common Mode Filter
Combined module DC Blocker & Common Mode Filter

The DC trap section will remove or at least lower the toroidal transformer buzzing.
Schematic is similar to this one used in well known Vladimir Shushurin’s Lamm-1 amplifier. An article with in-dept explanation of how DC blockers work can be found on Rod Elliot’s site (

The Common Mode Filter will deal with the high frequency pollution in the AC Mains Network.
It was inspired by the very successful “Felix project” (

In-depth explanation and examples of Common Mode Filters can be found here:

In the process of CMF simulation the following results were outlined:

– The damping resistors lower the spike in frequency response with approx. 20 dB

CMF without damping resistors
CMF without damping resistors
CMF with damping resistors

– Removing the load-side shunt capacitors (as supposed in the Fo-Felix version of the filter) will give us a smoother frequency response but the corner frequency is shifted to the higher frequencies approx. 25 times

CMF without load-side shunt capacitor


PCB specifications:

Dimensions of PCB: 100×115 mm.
PCB type: FR4 1.6 mm. Copper thickness: 70 um (2oz). Surface finish – Nickel Gold (ENIG).

The board is TWO-layer design which allows the PCB traces to be doubled on the TOP and BOTTOM layers thus doubling the current handling capabilities of the board. All current conducting traces are widened as much as possible which additional raise the max. handled current.
PCB has solder mask coating on top and bottom layer for best durability.
Silk screen with parts layout is placed on the top of the PCB.

The unit has following abilities:

DC Blocker Section
It is calculated to handle max. current of up to 16A
– On the board are mounted 6 discrete high-power diodes 10A4 which yield the max. DC Blocking voltage of approx. 2V.
– two MASSIVE 47 000 uF EPCOS capacitors (the bigger is capacitance, the higher are handled currents).
– one 10W power resistor.
– one bypass WIMA MKS4 400VAC capacitor.

Common Mode Filter Section
It is calculated to have a corner frequency of approx. 20 kHz and max. handled current of 20A with the parts used
– 4 pcs. X2 type safety polypropylene capacitors
– 2 pcs. Y2 type safety polypropylene capacitors
– Triad Magnetics Common Mode Choke, rated at 20A
– AC input/output connectors can be of the following types:
– 3-pins terminal blocks with lead spacing 5 mm.

NOTE: Some parts of the unit (DC Blocker’s electrolytic capacitors and diodes, Common Mode Choke, X2/Y2 capacitors, Input/Output terminals) can be replaced with another ones upon customer’s request, as it’s shown on the pictures.

What the buyer will receive:
The package will contain 1 pcs. Fully Assembled and tested PCB for Combined module DC Blocker (trap, filter) & EMI/RFI/Common Mode Filter.

The unit will be shipped with Priority AirMail Registered (or equivalent courier service where applicable). The tracking number will be sent to the customer after shipment.

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Fully assembled and tested DC Blocker (trap, filter) & EMI/RFI/Common Mode Filter combined module
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