Power Strip Distributor PSD-08

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Power Strip Distributor PSD-08


It’s a common knowledge that the audiophile’s inventory tend to steadily increase in time – amplifier(s), turntable, tape/cassette deck, CD player, PC, network switch/router, network streamer… name the next one! At the same time the number of room’s AC wall outlets is almost constant in time. That’s why the high quality, audio-grade PSD (Power Strip Distributor) became a inseparable part of any decent audio system.
The goal of the Power Strip offered here (PSD-08) is to provide a degradation-free and unlimited power to the various above-mentioned components, that comprise any given sound system.

PSD-08 characteristics:

– No-limits dynamics;
– Non-compromised and unlimited sound staging;
– High resolution with decay and micro detail;
– Carefully selected and high quality parts used inside;
– Star-wired internal connection for eliminating the mutual influence between connected sound system’s components;
– Special anti-vibration measures taken for diminishing any mechanical disturbance of the power transmission.


PSD-08 tries to combine the warmth of the tube amplifiers with the surgical accuracy of the solid-state designs.
The wooden cabinet of the Power Strip is made by carefully selected oak pieces, connected in a way which ensures the mechanical strength and solid vibration dampening.
The internals of the cabinet are additionally covered with special bitumen sheets for extreme anti-vibration protection.
The wood is impregnated with a special anti-flammable, anti-static liquid. Four high-quality Viablue™ UFO absorbers are fixed on the bottom of the chamber. These measures put a final touch in the mechanical insulation from the ground vibration, at the same time distancing it from static charges accumulating near the floor surface.

Anti-vibration bitumen sheet on the internal sides of the cabinet

The top of the unit is fine-milled, hard-anodized thick aluminum plate, which holds all electrical parts of the Power Strip, this way not only lowering the overall wires’ length but also additionally decreasing the mechanical vibration from the outside world.
The eight Furutech AC outlets are firmly connected to the top plate along with the three solid bussbars, which form the three “Star-Centers” – for Live, Neutral and Ground (Protective Earth) lines. The Protective Earth’s bussbar is directly electrically connected to the top plate in order to ensure the best possible grounding of the exposed metal part of the Power Strip (the top plate).
As you can see from the pictures, the Live and Neutral bussbars are silver plated in order to additionally lower  the unit’s internal resistance against the current flow.

All AC outlets are interconnected by three “Star-Centers”

The entire internal wiring of the Live and Neutral sections is done by AWG12 solid core OFC wire with PTFE tubing insulation over it.
In order to avoid any kind of unwanted garbage currents, induced by random electromagnetic fields, all metal parts, used in the Power Strip are non-ferromagnetic – the screws, washers, bussbars etc. are made by brass, inox or aluminum.

The AC outlets used in the PSD-08 are Furutech FI-E30 Gold, while the input IEC connector can be Furutech FI-09 or FI-33 Gold:

PSD-08 with Furutech FI-09 IEC inlet
PSD-08 with Furutech FI-33 IEC inlet



– Unit’s dimensions: 310x190x90 mm.
– Weight: 3.2 kg.
– Max. handled current: with FI-09 IEC inlet – 15A; with FI-33 IEC inlet – 16A


It can be said as a conclusion, that the main purpose and role of the PSD-08 is to be at the heart of any audiophile system, providing all its components with unlimited and non-degraded power for achieving their fullest performance!


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Power Strip Distributor PSD-08
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Weight 4.1 kg
IEC inlet

FI-09, FI-33