Заплащане и такси

1. Available payment methods

Ей Ти Ел Аудио ЕООД is a company which strives to ensure a positive customer’s experience during the whole process of product’s ordering – from its clear an unambiguous description to the variety of convenient payment methods.

Банков превод and payment via PayPal или Credit/Debit Cards are the worldwide available and very well established and accepted methods for payment. The store also accepts payments via several local payment gateways such as iDEAL, Przelewy24, Bancontact, Giropay, EPS и Sofort, depending on the customer’s billing address and/or the currency chosen.

NOTE!!!! Ей Ти Ел Аудио ЕООД neither stores nor even collects the information for customers’ accounts, passwords, tokens and any other data, necessary for successful electronic payment transaction – during the process of checkout the customer is redirected to the corresponding site of our payment processors – PayPal for the payments from PayPal accounts and Stripe for Credit/Debit Card payments and payments via local gateways as well. This way an enterprise level of financial security is achieved for the full customers’ confidence and convenience.

If you’re an EU-based VAT registered company, Банков превод is preferable payment method, while of course, PayPal and other local payment gateways are still perfectly acceptable.
Note: Because of the high bank fees for transfers from non-EU banks, Банков превод is enabled only when customer’s Billing Address is EU-based. If you’re non-EU member and still want to place an order using Банков превод, please contact us via site’s contact form for further payment negotiation.

2. Applicable Taxes

ATL Audio Ltd. is a VAT registered company under Bulgarian laws and regulations. As such it issues split-VAT invoices for all private customers – EU members.
All non-EU member customers are subject to VAT exempt and their invoices will be VAT-excluded.
If you’re an EU-based company and possess a valid VAT number, you’re also subject to VAT exempt. In order to apply for VAT-excluded invoice, please contact us via site’s contact form and provide an information about your company name, country and VAT number. You will be contacted by us for further order proceeding.