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Outstanding Quality
Conductors of pure oxygen-free copper, silvered strands and 24 carat gold-plated contacts: For our products, we only use exclusive and premium components. Feel VIABLUE™’s high quality, e.g. our unique Ultragrip scratch-resistant surface. VIABLUE™ cables are produced and assembled manually in Germany to guarantee a high-end quality.

High Functionality
VIABLUE™ stands for innovative and technically ambitious solutions like multi-layer cable shields and our specially designed filters to completely eliminate distortion. Solid screw fixings and solder connections guarantee save holds for plugs and cables.

Unique Design
Every VIABLUE™ product is the result of a long and thorough development process combined with a lot of passion for detail. After initial drawings and sketches, 3D-models and prototypes are built. These then undergo several testing cycles in order to ensure our high demands in regard to functionality, quality and design. The result is a truly first-class listening experience.

Enjoy your music based on products by VIABLUE™

ATL Audio Ltd. is an authorized dealer of all ViaBlue products, which means that all of its products can be reliably ordered and delivered. Most of the popular products are available on stock and can be shipped without delay, while some of the others are subject to delivery from the ViaBlue Germany warehouse. This will insert some delay in the delivery process, but since all transportation is carried by the DHL Europe, it won’t take too long.

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