Modified Sulzer Regulator – assembled and tested-v.4

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Modified Sulzer Regulator v.4 – assembled and tested

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Sulzer regulators are well known and proved their efficiency over the years. Schematic offered here is slightly modified two-polarity Sulzer regulator which has some improvements over original one:
1. Active regulation elements (opamps U1 and U2) are supplied by capacitive multipliers Q1, R3, C5 and Q2, R4, C6 for negative rail respectively.
2. Reference voltage sources (Zener diodes D14 and D15 resp.) are placed on the right (stabilized) sides of the regulators which ensures much more lower noise over them.
3. Diodes D11, D12 ensure normal start of the two rails no matter what load is connected.

That schematic has very good capabilities (both simulated and measured) for ripple and noise suppression.

PCB for the schematic is with dimensions 130×80 mm.
PCB thickness: FR4 1.55 mm. Copper thickness: 35um (1oz). Surface finish – Nickel Gold (ENIG).

PCB of bipolar Sulzer v.4

As it’s seen from the picture, this new version has the possibility for using bigger main filter electrolytic capacitors, bigger heatsinks for the regulation transistors, bigger terminal blocks for more convenient wiring etc.
The output voltage is trimmer-regulated now, which allows its easily setting in wide range.
The board is possible to work with transformers with two separated secondary windings or with one secondary with centertap.
The new board has incorporated protection circuitry, which limits the output current above 1.5A

Regulators are assembled with following parts:
– Medium power Darlington transistors BDX33C/BDX34C.
– Well-known OP Amps NE5534.
– 10 000 uF EPCOS electrolytic capacitors.
– Dipped tantalum electrolytic capacitors.
– 1% accuracy low-noise metal film resistors.
– Closely matched Zener diodes in both rails.

Performance of the unit was measured using RTX6001 spectrum analyzer at 12V/1A:

Measured performance of the board at 12V/1A


The regulator can work in 5 – 30V range.

Make sure to inform me for correct output voltage in the process of checkout.

In standard configuration regulator is built for use with two secondary winding transformer. If your transformer is with centertap secondary winding, let me know in order to arrange the PCB accordingly.

The wiring of the unit is straightforward, but Detailed schematic and instruction for wiring can be sent upon request.

What the buyer will receive:
The package will contain 1 pcs. Fully Assembled and tested PCB with Modified Sulzer Regulator-v.4.

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Modified Sulzer Regulator v.4 - assembled and tested
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