AC Mains Line Power Filter LPF-6000HE (High End)

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LPF-6000HE (High End) AC Mains Line Filter


After the initial release of LPF-6000   numerous of customers’ requests for improvements, using higher-quality parts or materials – IN/OUT AC connectors, internal wiring used, capacitors, chokes etc. were received. This way, accounting all changes implemented by request, a logical decision was taken for offering a version of highly upgraded LPF-6000HE (High End) unit in a separate listing.

Of course, the LPF-6000HE Line Power Filter, as a descendant of the standard LPF-6000  completely retains all its
internal structure and variants:

Block-schematic of LPF-6000HE with Relay board and secondary filters in all 6 output channels


Block-schematic of LPF-6000HE without Relay board


Block-schematic of LPF-6000HE with two high-power outputs


Detailed description of all variants can be found on the LPF-6000 page.

Upgrades, applied to the LPF-6000HE:

1. Wiring: The Live and Neutral internal wiring is performed by a AWG-12 silver plated solid-core OFC in a PTFE tubing;
Casing: the metal case is acoustically dampened by a special bitumen sheet in order to lower the vibrations’ radiation inside the case;
3. Anti-vibration feet: A high-quality Viablue UFO feet ( were placed underneath the case for further vibration isolation;
4. AC IN/OUT connectors: Furutech Input AC IEC inlet and output AC connectors (Gold plated, Rhodium or NCF versions can be also discussed);
5. Input fuse: The main input Ac fuse now is also from AMR Gold series (10 or 15A rated);
6. First stage EMI/RFI filter: The standard choke and capacitors was replaced by a Wurth high-inductance, low-impedance nano-crystalline choke and WIMA MKP X2 capacitors;
7. Secondary output filters: They were subject of a complete redesign:
– the common filter chokes were replaced by the high-quality, high-inductance Coilcraft’s P3717 (
– capacitors in the second stage filters are now from Vishay’s high-quality F339X2 series (
– Each secondary filter has a dedicated high-quality 3 Amperes rated fuse (AMR Gold series) placed in the beryllium copper, silver plated fuseholder
– A new PCB was designed in order to fit the all new parts;
8. Soldering: For soldering the Furutech FI-03 IEC inlet pins is used Mundorf MSolder SilverGold soldering wire.

Dimensions: 430x310x80 mm. (WxDxH)
Weight: approx. 6 kg.

LPF-6000HE is also available with Black or Silver hard anodized aluminum front panel:

Black and White front panels are available


On the back side panel are placed 6 Furutech FI-E30 AC Outlets and FI-03, FI-33 or FI-09 IEC inlet.
The Furutech FI-03 IEC inlet is rated up to 10A working current, so the configurations with this connectors are also rated at up to 10A.

Back panel with ON/OFF switch, Furutech FI-03 C14 IEC inlet and 6 FI-E30 AC Outlets













In cases where higher currents are required, the versions with FI-09 or FI-33 IEC inlets can be used.
The Furutech FI-09 C14 IEC inlet is rated at 15A.

Back panel with Furutech FI-09 C14 IEC inlet


The Furutech FI-33 C20 IEC inlet is rated at 16A but is less widespread.

Back panel with Furutech FI-33 C20 IEC inlet


Internals of the filter

Full configuration of LPF-600HE – 6 x output filters and Power relay board


Variant of LPF-6000HE with two high-power outputs and without Power relay board


As a result of all these improvements was achieved a state of quality, with absolutely NO LOSS of dynamics. The numerous customers’ reports also confirmed the same observations.

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LPF-6000HE AC Mains Line Filter
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Additional information

Weight 4.55 kg
Front panel color

Black, Silver

Input AC inlet type

Furutech FI-03 C14 IEC with Power Switch Board, Furutech FI-03 C14 IEC without Power Switch Board, Furutech FI-09 C14 IEC without Power Switch Board, Furutech FI-33 C20 IEC without Power Switch Board

Number of secondary EMI/RFI filters

4 filters + 2 HP outputs, 6 EMI/RFI filters