AC Mains Line Power Filter LPF-6000

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LPF-6000 AC Mains Line Filter


Based on the big success of its predecessors DC Blocker assembled in case and Combined DC Blocker & EMI/RFI filter, the offered here AC Mains Line Power Filter further exploits their strengths and goes beyond with new features and capabilities.

As it is shown on the Block-Schematic below, LPF-6000 has a two-stage EMI/RFI filters structure plus a new generation of DC Blocker (DC Blocker NG).

Block-Schematic of LPF-6000 AC Mains Line Power Filter

The first stage EMI/RFI filter is built using the Triad Magnetic’s High-Power CMF (Common Mode Choke) CMT-8121. This choke is rated at 20A and thus can handle most power amplifier’s current demands. The first stage filter works in “common” and “differential” modes simultaneously which effectively decreases both types of interference.
On the same PCB is placed the DC Blocker NG (New Gen) – because of the new approach used in this module, its DC blocking capabilities are raised up to 4.5V while retaining the same power throughput as its predecessors.
As it’s shown on the Block-schematic and on the pictures of the unit, LPF-6000 has 6 AC Mains outlets and the mutual impact of each other is greatly diminished by use of dedicated second-stage EMI/RFI Filters for each output. The second-stage filters utilize the Wuerth Electronics’ high quality nanocrystalline chokes. Thanks to their parameters is possible to design a low-pass filter with low enough corner frequency while preserving a frequency response characteristic without sharp spike at the start of the rolloff region.
The last PCB in the set is used for surge protection and relay control.
As can be seen from the block-schematic, there is a varistors group which is used as a surge protector (in conjunction with the Main Fuse after the IEC inlet).
The Power ON/OFF switch placed on the unit’s back panel controls a high quality power relay which connects/disconnects the power lines from the IEC inlet.

As probably everyone knows, the proper wiring is crucial to reveal the full unit’s performance. That’s why special attention is paid to the process of design and physical wiring of the LPF-6000 power filter.
The concept of “star-wiring” topology is heavily implemented here – on the pictures above are visible the three “star-wiring Centres” – for Live, Neutral and Ground (Protective Earth) lines. The first two are arranged as Barrier Terminal Blocks, placed on the PCB of DC Blocker and 1-st stage EMI/RFI filter, while the last is a Ground Distribution Buss-bar, connected to the bottom of the metal chassis.

LPF-6000 is enclosed in steel sheet case, high-quality black powder coated. Beneath the case are placed 4 solid aluminum feet with rubber dampening rings.
On the front side is mounted solid hard anodized aluminum panel with red LED indicator for normal operation.

Dimensions: 430x310x80 mm. (WxDxH)
Weight: approx. 6 kg.

Black and White front panels are available


On the back side panel are placed 6 AC Outlets (various types are available), IEC inlet with fuse holder and ON/OFF switch.

Back panel with 6 Schuko AC Outlets, C14 IEC inlet and ON/OFF switch

In most cases along with the low-power audio devices (DACs, Network streamers, CD players etc.) there are power amplifier(s) which draw much more power than the second stage EMI/RFI filters can provide. That’s why, a variation with only four second stage filters is available.
Block-Schematic of LPF-6000 with two power outputs is shown below:

LPF-6000 with two power AC outputs


The first two AC outlets are connected directly to the output of the high power first stage EMI/RFI filter and are dedicated for high-power consumers.

LPF-6000 with two direct (high-power) outputs


There are customers who prefer a variant with ON/OFF relay circuitry bypassed and the input IEC inlet directly connected to the first stage filter+DC Blocker board:

LPF-6000 without Relay Switch Board

This variant of the filter is also useful for the cases when higher than normal handled power is needed, if C20 IEC inlet is directly connected to the DC Blocker & First stage EMI/RFI board, the filter is capable to withstand up to 15A.

The LPF-6000 line power filter can work with various input AC voltages and frequencies – the widespread 230V/50Hz and 115V/60Hz are supported off-the-shelf (just leave a note for the required type during the checkout process). If your input AC Mains voltage is different than the above-mentioned ones, send us a question for confirmation via the site’s contact form and we’ll discuss the possibilities for filter’s manufacturing.
The different AC Mains input voltages goes along with the different AC outlets used in the countries all over the world. We’re happy to announce that LPF-6000 supports wide variety of AC outlets: Standard EU Schuko, French, UK, US, Australian and Switzerland types.

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LPF-6000 AC Mains Line Filter
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Additional information

Weight 6.5 kg
AC Outlet type

EU Schucko, French, UK plug, US plug, Australian, Switzerland

Input AC inlet type and Relay Switchboard presence

C14 IEC/Relay Board present, C14 IEC/Relay Board NOT present, C20 IEC/Relay Board NOT present

Number of secondary EMI/RFI filters

4 filters + 2 HP outputs, 6 EMI/RFI filters

Front Panel Color

Silver, Black